New Population Growth In The Czech Republic Thanks To Migration

The Czech Republic recorded a population growth of 23,091 people in the first quarter of this year, provided by migration from abroad. The Czech Statistical Office published this information.

According to Michaela Němečková from the demographic statistics department of the Czech Statistical Office, 41,315 people immigrated to the Czech Republic from abroad during the first quarter of this year. Compared to the migration wave from Ukraine in 2022, when almost 150,000 people came to us, this was only a quarter of the number, but compared to previous years, the number of immigrants remained high.

Most immigrants came from Ukraine, accounting for three-quarters of the total number. 10,000 people moved abroad. Through natural population exchange, the number of people would have decreased by 8,242.

22,000 children were born in the first quarter, 11% less than last year. During the same period, 30,000 people died, roughly the same as in 2020 and 2019. 3,500 couples got married.

This data shows how migration plays a vital role in the population growth in the Czech Republic and how important it is to understand the needs and demands of newly arrived residents.