New Regulations for E-Scooters in the Czech Republic

Starting in April, new rules relating to the operation of e-scooters and other similar devices were introduced in the Czech Republic. The law now requires compulsory insurance for devices with a maximum design speed higher than 25 km/h or above 14 km/h for devices weighing over 25 kilograms. It’s important to note that the design speed is the key factor here. Some e-scooter models have a speed limit set to 25 km/h that can be unlocked, and such devices will require insurance.

For example, the latest models of shared Lime scooters weigh slightly over 25 kilograms. Therefore, the operator pays the insurance, even though the scooters travel up to 25 km/h, as confirmed by the company spokesperson.

This obligation also applies to devices that exceed the specified speed and weight limits, such as unicycles, segways, and electric skateboards. It also extends to garden tractors, golf carts, and snowmobiles, provided they do not operate exclusively on private land not accessible to the public.

According to the rules applicable throughout the European Union, machines that do not continuously use an engine for movement are exempted. Therefore, e-bikes do not need to have compulsory insurance. However, considering their weight and speed, taking out liability insurance in case of an accident is advisable.

The new law on compulsory insurance has been in effect since April 1st. From October, the police will start checking the validity of compulsory insurance from the online database, and until then, you should carry a green card as if you were in a car. A serial number punched on the frame will be used during the check for vehicles that do not have a registration plate.

There is a penalty for missing compulsory insurance. The police can impose a fine of up to 10,000 crowns on the spot, and the upper limit in administrative proceedings is set at 50,000 crowns. In an accident, the insurance company can request full compensation for damage from the rider.