New Subsidy Helps Low-Income Seniors in the Czech Republic with Solar Panels

Low-income senior households and families in the Czech Republic can now apply for a subsidy to purchase solar systems for water heating. The “New Green Savings Light” program includes a state contribution of up to 90,000 Czech crowns. This money can be drawn in advance for upcoming adjustments. The Ministry of Environment has increased the total amount of subsidies under the program from three to six billion Czech crowns.

The NZÚ Light program is intended for owners of family houses or permanently inhabited cottages and chalets among seniors, invalid pensioners in the 3rd degree, or families who receive or have received a housing allowance since last September 12th. The program aims to allow low-income households to use energy from the sun. A four-member home can save more than ten thousand Czech crowns per year thanks to solar panels.

Currently, it is also possible to obtain money from the program for the insulation of facades, floors, roofs, and ceilings or the replacement of entrance doors and windows. It is possible to apply for a subsidy for solar systems even if households have already exhausted the full 150,000 Czech crowns for insulation or window and door replacement. In total, obtaining up to 240,000 Czech crowns will be possible.

From September, the Ministry will change the classic “New Green Savings” program, which is intended for everyone. The program will offer funds to replace old atmospheric gas boilers with heat pumps. The process from application to subsidy payment will also be simplified for applicants. The program will also include a working title called “Grandma’s House Repair.” It will be intended for young families to renovate unused real estate. It will be a combination of a subsidy and a low-interest loan.