New Tariffs for Young Customers: Unlimited Starting Below 500 Crowns Monthly

To cater to the evolving needs of the younger generation, mobile network operators have rolled out fresh mobile tariff plans tailored specifically for young customers. These new offerings usher in a range of choices, with unlimited data packages starting as low as 487 crowns per month. The most affordable basic plan for customers under 26 comes at 299 crowns, while regular unlimited data plans typically start at around 750.

On Monday, O2 introduced four new plans under the “YOU.” The most economical option, priced at 299 crowns, includes 120 minutes of calls to all networks and three gigabytes (GB) of data. For an extra 200 crowns, subscribers can access a plan featuring unlimited calls and ten GB of data. At 699 crowns, users can secure a tariff with complete data and speeds of up to 20 megabits per second (Mbit/s). A 5G plan with unlimited high-speed data is also available at a slightly higher price.

“As the demand for unlimited data, anytime and anywhere, on the fastest 5G network continues to grow, even among young customers, year-on-year data consumption in mobile networks is sharply rising and doubling annually,” stated Silvia Cieslarová, the Director of Mobile Services Segment at O2.

Skyrocketing Data Consumption in Networks Vodafone introduced three new offers last week, each featuring unlimited data, calls, and SMS, differentiated only by download speeds. For the essential speed of four Mbit/s, students with an ISIC card pay 487 crowns monthly. The cost goes up to 657 crowns for speeds of 20 Mbit/s and 857 crowns for unlimited high-speed data.

T-Mobile, although yet to reveal new offerings in recent days, currently provides tariffs starting at 480 crowns. These packages include ten GB of data and unlimited calling. Customers can enjoy unlimited data for 700 and 905 crowns, with the cheaper option throttled to ten Mbit/s after the initial 15 GB of usage. Children aged up to 15 are presented with a T-Mobile offer of 150 minutes of calling and three GB of data for 275 crowns.

The Czech Republic boasts around 15.2 million active SIM cards, with data traffic in domestic mobile networks growing by 60 percent year-on-year to reach 926 petabytes, as the Czech Telecommunication Office (ČTÚ) reported. This surge is equivalent to an average monthly consumption of approximately seven gigabytes per SIM card. As the mobile landscape adapts to the demands of tech-savvy youth, these new tariffs reflect the operators’ commitment to providing tailored, affordable, and data-rich plans for young users.