Overview: What changes from today?

As of Wednesday, up to six people can sit at one table in a restaurant, whereas previously, only four were allowed under the current measure. Capacity restrictions in museums, galleries, and castles are also being lifted. Organizers can hold cultural and sporting events without restrictions but under certain conditions. The government approved the relaxation in mid-August.


Up to six people can sit at one table, and it was only four until now. An exception is made for people living in a shared household, where the number is not limited.

Mass events

Organizers can arrange sports matches, concerts, educational or congress events without any restriction of capacity. If fewer than three thousand people attend, they only need to show a valid negative test for covid, a completed vaccination, or proof of illness.

Over three thousand people can fill the maximum capacity with the stipulation that fifty percent of people must have a test and fifty percent must have completed a vaccination or had an illness.

Museums and galleries, castles, zoos, fairs

They can operate without restrictions. Until now, a 75 percent capacity regime has been allowed.

Organizers must allow visitors to be spaced 1.5 meters apart.

The number of participants in choirs has been increased to 50 people.


Public health insurance will still cover 4 antigen and 2 PCR tests per month. The antigen test is valid for three days in most places, the PCR for a week.

The validity of the antigen test is extended to seven days, but only for regular activities in the same group, for example, in a sports club or hobby group.

From now on, all locations will also accept tests that people perform themselves with the online assistance of a health professional. However, they are only valid for 24 hours. People have to pay for these tests about 250 crowns.


Pupils and students must take a coronavirus test today. Exceptions are those who are vaccinated or have had the covid in the last 180 days. Pupils and students will also be tested on September 4 and 9. A negative test certificate from an official testing site can be brought in instead of testing at school.

First-grade students may have their tests postponed until Thursday.