PCR Testing Will Be Required During Summer Vacations Regardless If You Had The 1st Dose Of Vaccination

Because of the outbreak of the coronavirus delta mutation, Minister of Health Adam Vojtech will suggest that those who have only received one dosage of the vaccination must undergo a negative test. People who return from vacation will also be required to display PCR tests at work.

According to the minister, there is a genuine possibility of the pandemic spreading further, particularly because of the delta mutation, which has an eight-fold reproductive number. The average number of people infected as a result of one positive test is referred to as the reproductive number.

The test is now compulsory for those returning from high-risk nations. At the very least, people who come from any other nation, according to Vojtech’s proposal, should be tested for antigens. The government is also considering tightening the rules for returning from the United Kingdom or Portugal, and has made similar changes for travel from Russia or Tunisia. As a result, more people will be required to do the PCR test and stay isolated until the results are available.

So far, people vaccinated with a single dose have had 21 days post-vaccination to prove they are non-infectious. Vaccines against the delta mutation are only around 33% effective, according to Vojtech. Full protection does not begin until two weeks following immunization, according to experts.