People can book car registration plates from now on

Libor Zavoral

It should be possible to book a car registration plate up to a month in advance. This would allow companies, in particular, to arrange the necessary permits before the authorities register the vehicle.

This is provided for in the government amendment on the conditions of operation of vehicles on roads, which the parliamentary economic committee discussed. The application for a plate will have to include the vehicle’s VIN and, if the car does not have a VIN, at least the chassis number. Applications for registration in the vehicle register could also be submitted electronically.

The amendment also foresees the abolition of the obligation to submit a registration inspection report when applying for vehicle registration or changing the operator.

The committee also supported a proposal by ODS MEP Stanislav Blaha to abolish the large technical certificate, to reduce bureaucracy and cut costs associated with vehicle documents.

From 2024, the authorities will no longer be able to issue this document, and the vehicle registration certificate, a minor technical certificate, will contain more information than the present. Other data from the extensive technical certificate would be available in the vehicle register. The House is expected to decide on the amendments at its next sitting.