People Order Digital Retraining for Millions

A new e-shop created by the Czech government to provide digital retraining courses for the working population has seen over 3,300 people sign up for courses within five months of operation. According to a statement by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the average government contribution towards these courses was almost 15,400 Czech korunas.

The e-shop, designed for people of working age looking to improve their digital skills, offers courses to the unemployed and individuals seeking to change professions. Participants were asked to pay an average of 3,200 korunas per course, with the government contributing the rest.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has authorized payments of 6.599 million korunas ($305,000). However, this is expected to rise to 10.197 million korunas ($471,000) if participants complete their courses. In this case, the average amount paid per individual is 18,952 korunas ($874).

The e-shop is open to anyone interested in learning new skills, including employees, entrepreneurs, parents on parental leave, working seniors, and students. However, participants must be added to the register of job seekers to qualify for course funding.

It is important to note that the e-shop is not intended for job seekers but for individuals who wish to upskill in digital competencies. After completion of the course, participants can be removed from the register of job seekers without any obligation.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs can fund multiple courses up to 50,000 korunas ($2,310) in three years. These courses are specifically related to digital skills and do not include courses in other areas like trades.

The e-shop is a valuable resource for individuals looking to upskill in the digital age, and the government’s contribution to the courses is a welcome investment in the future workforce.