Person Riding on Couplings Causes Temporary Suspension of Prague Metro Line

On Thursday afternoon, the Line C of the Prague metro was temporarily suspended because a person was seen riding on the couplings of one of the train sets. The incident caused disruptions on the entire line, which runs from Letňany to Háje, and trains were stopped at stations in both directions. The service was suspended for approximately 10 minutes.

According to Jan Daněk, the spokesperson for the Prague police, the person was spotted on the couplings at Pankrác station before fleeing the scene. The incident occurred during rush hour on the busiest metro line, causing significant inconvenience for commuters.

The safety risks associated with riding on the couplings of a moving train are high, and such behavior is strongly discouraged. This incident reminds the public to follow safety guidelines and avoid engaging in risky behavior on public transportation systems.