Personal Data Protection Office Initiates Proceedings Against Nova Television

On November 7, 2023, the Office for Personal Data Protection (ÚOOÚ) initiated administrative proceedings against Nova Television. This follows an incident last week where the television station broadcasted a live verdict against former MP Dominik Feri, who was accused of rape.

The controversy revolves around the live broadcasting of the verdict, during which data about the women affected by the case were disclosed. According to the spokesperson for TV Nova, Barbora Dlabáčková, the television station is aware that the office is dealing with the matter but could not comment further.

“The Office for Personal Data Protection has initiated administrative proceedings with TV Nova on suspicion of committing an offense under the Personal Data Processing Act,” Milan Řepka, the office’s spokesperson, informed the server.

Nova Television could have committed an offense by disclosing data that identifies three individuals in the position of the injured via a publicly accessible computer network.

Last week, Nova Television broadcasted a live verdict where the District Court for Prague 3 sentenced Feri to three years in prison for two rapes and an attempted rape. The verdict included data about the victims, which is prohibited by law.

Adéla Hořejší, the representative of the girls affected, commented after the announcement of the verdict that the broadcast was in the poorest taste. She emphasized that journalists did not have court permission to broadcast the proceedings. Last week, the chairman of the district court, Radek Mařík, confirmed that the judge had not allowed image or sound transmissions from the courtroom.