Petr Pavel: Among Politico’s 28 Most Influential Personalities in Europe for 2024

Stanislava Benešová

The Czech President, Petr Pavel, has been named among the 28 most influential personalities who will shape the character of Europe in 2024, according to the Brussels-based website Politico. This announcement highlights Pavel’s increasing stature on the European stage and his significant contribution to shaping policy and discourse.

Politico’s editorial team described Pavel as a significant “hawk” concerning Russia and China, openly supporting Ukraine and calling for NATO’s expansion. These strong geopolitical stances reflect his unwavering commitment to European unity, security, and the fundamental principles of democracy.

Pavel finds himself in good company on the list, along with French President Emmanuel Macron, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Including such diverse figures indicates the broad spectrum of voices and influences shaping Europe’s future.

The ranking is incomplete, with the list of 28 personalities divided into three categories, each containing nine individuals plus one additional spot reserved for the most influential personality. The categories Politico uses are “doers” (those who actively influence politics), “disrupters” (those who disrupt it), and “dreamers” (those who bring ideas to Europe).

President Pavel has been placed among the “dreamers” due to his clear stance towards Russia and China. This classification signifies his visionary approach to European politics, emphasizing the importance of transparent, principled diplomacy in an increasingly complex and challenging geopolitical landscape.