Plan your renovation well in advance

Planning your renovation well is crucial to ensure a smooth and successful project. It’s important to understand that significant renovations often require the expertise of quality artisans, and their schedules can be booked months in advance. By starting the planning process early, you can minimize the risk of not being able to find suitable contractors and ensure that you have enough time to make informed decisions about technical solutions.

Keep in mind that waiting for artisans can sometimes pose budget challenges. While material prices may not increase as rapidly as before, craftsmen often state that their budget guarantees are valid for only a limited period, typically three months. Maintaining communication with the chosen company throughout the waiting and implementation process is essential to avoid any unpleasant surprises during billing. Additionally, having a financial reserve of around ten to fifteen percent of the budget can provide a buffer for unexpected costs.

Regarding roof renovations, it’s crucial to consider energy efficiency and insulation. For example, covering the roof with boards instead of relying solely on foil under concrete tiles is becoming more common. Adding insulation, at least 20 cm thick but preferably 30 cm, is also recommended. In addition to insulating the roof beams, protecting the attic and the living area is advisable. Investing in modern windows and ensuring proper ventilation can enhance energy efficiency and comfort.

While planning your renovation, consider other aspects of your home as well. If heating costs are a concern, explore alternative options such as wood or briquettes. Upgrading your stoves and replacing windows can also contribute to improved energy efficiency. Remember that stove installers may have long waiting periods, so scheduling these installations well in advance is advisable. Additionally, regular maintenance and cleaning of gas boilers can help optimize their performance and save on energy costs.