Pleasant Temperatures Will Last

We can expect variable cloudiness and numerous showers in the coming days, although they will decrease over the weekend. Temperatures will remain above average, and on Sunday and the beginning of next week, we can expect afternoon highs just below 20 °C, according to meteorologist Dagmar Honsová.

“On Thursday, we will have moist air coming from the west, and on Friday, a frontal wave will bring precipitation,” summarized the meteorologist.

Thursday will be mostly cloudy, with clouds thickening from the west and occasional rain or showers. Temperatures will range between 12 and 17 °C.

Friday will be overcast with rain or showers in the beginning, which should ease off in the afternoon, giving way to partly cloudy skies. There will be a fresh, westerly wind with gusts of around 55 kilometers per hour. Morning temperatures will drop to 11-7 °C, and they will reach 11-16 °C during the day.

Saturday will be mostly cloudy to partly sunny. Showers may occur in some areas, along with isolated fog in the morning. The lowest temperatures will range from 10 to 6 °C, and during the day, temperatures will range from 12 to 16 °C.

Similarly, on Sunday, showers should occur only sporadically. Morning lows will be between 9 and 5 °C, and afternoon temperatures will reach 14-18 °C, possibly reaching 19 °C in southern Bohemia.

Monday and Tuesday will be partly cloudy, with morning fog in some areas. The lowest morning temperatures on both days will range from 9 to 5 °C, and during the day, they will reach 14-19 °C on Monday and 14-18 °C on Tuesday.

Cloudiness will increase during Tuesday afternoon, along with precipitation. It will be mostly cloudy to overcast on Wednesday, with occasional showers or rain. Afternoon temperatures will drop, ranging from 9 to 13 °C. The lowest morning temperatures will remain between 9 and 5 °C.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on weather conditions in the Czech Republic.