Police Saved a Hostage in České Budějovice, She Is Injured

A man holding a woman hostage in a shop was negotiated with by police in the center of  České Budějovice. The woman was released shortly after 4 p.m. by the police. She’s hurt, but it’s not life-threatening.

Police apprehended the man who was holding a woman hostage in a store in the heart of  České Budějovice. A middle-aged woman has been injured, although her injuries are mild and not life-threatening. Rescuers took her to the trauma department of the  České Budějovice hospital after treating her. The South Bohemian police spokesman Milan Bajcura and the rescue service spokesperson Zuzana Fajtlová briefed the journalists. “The woman’s neck was just slightly injured. No one else was hurt in the incident “she stated.

The woman was held captive for almost an hour by the attacker. From around 15:00, police officers negotiated with him, shutting the section of Pemysl Otakar II Square where the incident occurred. A police officer ran out with a woman after an emergency unit broke into the store about 16:00. The individual was detained by police and taken to be questioned, according to the spokesperson. The investigation into the matter is still ongoing, and a probable allegation of the attacker may come today, according to a police spokesperson. 

In addition to the police, city police officers, firefighters, and rescues were dispatched to the scene. The police utilized pyrotechnic explosives to strike the man, which were designed to mislead the attacker, according to Bajcura. “We were able to neutralize the perpetrators as a result,” the official stated.