PPF Considers Acquisition of Packeta, Owner of Zásilkovna


PPF, a Czech investment firm, is considering the purchase of Packeta, the parent company of Czech logistics firm Zásilkovna. PPF’s CEO Jiří Šmejc stated they would only be interested in purchasing the entire company. Packeta’s founders, Simona and Jaromír Kijonkovi, who hold 48.6% of Packeta’s shares, announced in May that Packeta was up for sale. Alongside the Kijonkovis, almost 21% of Packeta is owned by Notino, with former Zásilkovna programmer Lukáš Bílek and entrepreneur Martin Kukačka each owning 10%.

Packeta has consistently reported operating and net profit, with revenue for 2022 increasing by 23% to 6.1 billion CZK. The number of shipments transported last year rose by a quarter to almost 90 million. At the end of last year, Packeta had more than 15,000 pick-up points in four countries. Packeta plans to maintain double-digit revenue growth in the coming years.

PPF recently announced the purchase of a 15% stake in Polish firm InPost, which operates self-service lockers for collecting goods and logistics centers for online stores, particularly in Western Europe. PPF currently has a total stake of 16.75% in InPost, making it the second-largest shareholder in the company after Advent International. The agreement includes an option for PPF to purchase an additional 15% of InPost shares from Advent International.

PPF CEO Šmejc believes that pick-up boxes are the future of delivery and is confident that InPost can replicate its success in Poland on Western markets.

Zásilkovna’s History

Zásilkovna was founded in 2010 to facilitate the transport of goods from e-commerce stores to customers. The company now has over 15,000 pick-up points in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania. In recent years, Zásilkovna has reported a significant growth in the number of shipments transported, with almost 90 million shipped last year.

PPF’s Investment Strategy

PPF is a Czech investment firm founded by Petr Kellner. The company has a diverse range of investments, including banking, telecommunications, and real estate assets. PPF has a history of investing in logistics companies, having previously invested in DHL Parcel, a subsidiary of Deutsche Post, in 2019.

Packeta’s Future Plans

Packeta’s founders have stated that they want to utilize the high interest from investors to find conditions under which they can use their financial resources and know-how to grow further and strengthen their market position. They plan to maintain this growth in the coming years by expanding their pick-up point network and investing in new technologies.

PPF’s potential acquisition of Packeta demonstrates its continued interest in logistics companies. Packeta, who owns Zásilkovna, has reported consistent growth in revenue and number of shipments transported. The company plans to continue this growth by expanding its pick-up point network and investing in new technologies. If PPF acquires Packeta, it will become a significant player in the logistics industry in Central Europe and beyond.