Prague 8 Adds 18 Insect Hotels to Local Ecosystem to Promote Biodiversity

Prague 8, a district of the Czech capital, has added 18 insect hotels to its ecosystem. The wooden shelters for insects have proven beneficial for the local ecosystem as they offer refuge to beetles and other members of the insect kingdom. The insect hotel project was initiated by the Prague 8 environmental department in 2016 and has since been successful in attracting school children and the broader public to the project.

Martin Šálek, the spokesperson for Prague 8, stated that the project has been successful and, therefore, the environmental department will continue with it. The insect hotels can be found in several locations across the district, including Ládví, Thomayerových Sadech, and Troji. The project has been ongoing for seven years and has become popular with school children, garnering the wider public’s attention.

The project has been carried out in collaboration with the environmental department and several primary schools. Children have shown great interest in the insect hotels since the beginning, which is a source of great pleasure for the environmental department. There is no reason to end the project as it has proven to be successful in the long term, according to Šálek.

In the past, 18 locations were selected in parks and near primary and nursery schools to place the insect hotels. The hotels were placed at various locations such as Thomayerových Sadech, U Pentlovky Street behind the Mazurská primary school, Žernosecká park near the playground by Ďáblické Jezírko, and near the Kobyliská shooting range, Čimický pond and Glowackého primary school playground. New birdhouses were also installed alongside the insect hotels by the district council.

The presence of insect hotels has benefited the local ecosystem. The insect hotels are made from various materials and serve as shelters for various types of insects. Once they move in, the insects pollinate the surrounding vegetation, providing an essential ecological service. The insect hotels have also become popular with the general public, who are interested in their role in promoting biodiversity.

Unfortunately, two insect hotels were vandalized by unknown perpetrators shortly after the project began in 2016. However, the district council has remained undeterred and continues to install and maintain the insect hotels. Although vandals may destroy some during New Year’s Eve celebrations, the council is determined to keep the project going and believes it is an integral part of their environmental strategy.

The insect hotel project has been successful in Prague 8 and has become popular with school children and the wider public. The insect hotels serve an important ecological function and offer a refuge to various types of insects. Although vandals may destroy some hotels, the district council is committed to maintaining and expanding the project.