Prague Airport Bounces Back with Profit of 283 Million CZK

Prague Airport reported a profit of 283 million CZK last year after two years of losses. Compared to 2021, the economic result is almost 2 billion CZK better. The Ministry of Finance announced this on Friday.

In 2020, the airport handled 10.7 million passengers, while it was only 4.4 million the year before. “Prague Airport more than doubled the number of passengers handled year-on-year and increased its operating profit by two billion CZK. I expect it to continue gradually returning to its previous occupancy and profits, allowing it to continue with planned investments,” commented Finance Minister Zbyněk Stanjura (ODS).

Last year, 58 carriers flew from the airport to 147 destinations. According to plans, up to 13 million passengers could be handled this year.