Prague Airport Temporarily Shifts Daily Operations to the Secondary Runway

Prague Airport (Letiště Praha), the international airport serving Prague, will temporarily move its daily operations to the secondary runway. This move is necessary as the main runway undergoes regular maintenance from Monday to October 27. The specific maintenance days will be determined based on weather conditions. However, the shift to the secondary runway may negatively impact densely populated areas of Prague and Kladno due to increased noise levels.

During this temporary arrangement, aircraft will take off from and land on the secondary runway between 8:00 and 16:00 while using the main runway during other hours. The maintenance work on the runway includes tasks such as rubber removal, marking restoration, inspection of inspection chambers, regular geodetic measurements, and maintenance of underground facilities and covers.

The precise days when operations will be shifted to the secondary runway will be determined based on meteorological conditions, allowing for the most effective use of the closure period. “We will not proceed with maintenance on days when there is fog, low temperatures, or unfavorable winds. This is a regular maintenance activity after the summer season, during which the main runway has continuous operations. The goal is to ensure the best possible condition of the surface and markings before the winter season,” said Miroslav Charvát, the Manager of Surface Operations and Development at Letiště Praha.

During maintenance, operations will be conducted on runway 12/30, which is nearly perpendicular to the main runway. The long-term project of the airport includes expanding to a parallel runway.

The direction of temporary operations on the secondary runway depends on meteorological conditions, particularly the wind. However, the preferred direction for landing is from Prague, and takeoff is towards Kladno.

According to the airport, regular maintenance of the runway system, especially considering operational safety, needs to be performed twice a year, in spring and autumn. The runways are maintained while the airport operates at total capacity.