Prague Castle District Becomes a Tourist Ghetto: Historian Suggests Leaving It Unlit

Czech News in English: In recent years, the area surrounding Prague Castle has transformed into a tourist ghetto, with the influx of visitors leading to a significant change in the atmosphere of the district. One historian has even gone so far as to suggest leaving the area unlit to discourage tourists from overcrowding the historic site.

The Prague Castle district, once known for its peaceful ambiance and rich history, has been overrun by tourists, souvenir shops, and commercial establishments catering to visitors. This development has led to a loss of the area’s original charm, which has sparked concerns among locals and historians alike.

According to the historian, one way to address the issue of overcrowding and restore some semblance of the district’s original atmosphere would be to reduce the nighttime illumination of the castle and its surroundings. By doing so, the area would become less attractive to tourists during the evening hours, allowing for a more peaceful environment for both residents and visitors seeking an authentic experience.

The idea of leaving the Prague Castle district unlit has generated mixed reactions, with some agreeing that it could help preserve the area’s historical character, while others argue that it may have a negative impact on tourism, which is a significant source of income for the city.

The debate over the best approach to preserving the unique charm and atmosphere of the Prague Castle district while accommodating the needs of the tourism industry continues. It highlights the challenges faced by cities rich in history and culture as they strive to balance the interests of both residents and visitors.

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