Prague City Council Approves Land Exchange Deal with State

The Prague City Council has approved an exchange of real estate and land with the state for approximately 1.7 billion crowns. This deal involves the city giving up most of the area of the Bulovka Hospital in exchange for several other properties, including barracks in Karlín and a building on Hybernská Street. The difference in value between the exchanged properties is estimated at around 10.6 million crowns, which the city will have to pay.

This exchange has been in the making, with ongoing negotiations between the two sides. However, the deal was held up by a dispute over the exchange of land at Bohdalec, which has now been resolved. Despite the small payment the city has to make, the overall value of the deal is significant and will provide the city with valuable assets in different areas.

The city plans to negotiate with the state to exchange properties like Faust House and Veleslavín Castle. These negotiations may be more complicated, but the city council seems committed to working with the state to make deals that benefit both parties.