Prague Introduces Parking Reform Proposal

Deputy Mayor for Transport Zdeněk Hřib recently shared a proposal for reforming the paid parking zones in Prague and potentially charging for entry into several central Prague locations. The city districts will now review the proposal.

The plan for paid entry into the center is expected to affect the areas of Smetana Embankment and surrounding streets, as well as the Karmelitská area. According to Hřib, these measures should prevent tram delays.

Under the proposal, there would be a daily charge of 200 crowns. However, this would not apply to residents of Prague 1 or people with parking permits in the locality. Deliveries based on permissions should operate between 8:00 pm and 10:00 am.

Parking prices have not yet been addressed in the proposal and will be discussed later. “I think it is unsustainable for the city to subsidize parking in public spaces more than public transport,” said the Deputy Mayor, adding that the proposal stems from the program declaration of the council.

A novelty in paid parking should be a flat-rate permit for parking in mixed purple zones throughout the city monthly or annually. The price should be graded according to propulsion, with Euro 6-compliant vehicles paying a standard fee. Electric and hydrogen vehicles would be discounted, with hybrids falling somewhere in between.

Short-term visitor parking in purple and orange zones should, according to Hřib, not fundamentally change. On the other hand, transferrable parking permits will be abolished. Residential parking in blue zones should only be for residents, property owners, and subscribers. “The aim is not to have deliveries parked on the sidewalk and to offer a legal, charged option to park in the blue zone,” said Hřib, who believes everything will work via an application.