Prague Metro Line A Shortens Due to Rail Replacement

The Prague Metro’s Line A will temporarily shorten its route due to the replacement of wooden sleepers with concrete ones. The interruption in service will occur between the Depo Hostivař and Skalka stations over several days.

The suspension begins on Wednesday, May 8th, and ends at night from Sunday to Monday. Normal operation will resume on May 13th from the morning departure. During this period, the final station for Line A will be the neighboring Skalka instead of Depo Hostivař.

The main tasks will involve disconnecting and dismantling parts of the safety device, removing the original aged wooden sleepers, and installing new concrete sleepers. This also involves the replacement of rails and rail fastenings, adjusting the gravel bed, and replacing switch components, as described by the spokesperson for the transport company, Aneta Řehková.

During the outage, the transport company will deploy a replacement bus, XA, on the streets. Information about individual stops can be found on the website

This brief interruption is part of an ongoing effort to maintain and upgrade Prague’s metro system, ensuring a safer and more efficient service for all its passengers.