Prague Planetarium Cancels Tender for New Projection System

Jan Handrejch

The Prague Planetarium had to cancel the tender for a new projection system due to objections from one of the companies and announce a new one, according to Dominika Simónaková, a spokesperson for the Observatory and Planetarium of the City of Prague. According to her, the planned reconstruction schedule will not be affected. The more significant part of the planetarium in Stromovka will be closed to visitors for approximately a year from May 14th.

According to information from the planetarium, replacing the projection system and reconstruction will cost up to 300 million Czech crowns.

“Unfortunately, one company has complicated the selection process and repeatedly filed complaints. Therefore, a new tender was announced on April 1st. The result will be apparent during the summer holidays. Our work is not currently at risk. The old projection system will be dismantled by autumn,” said the spokesperson.

The planetarium plans to replace the obsolete projection system with new LED technology during the modernization. The image projection will be provided by 45 million diodes distributed throughout the dome. According to the planetarium, the advantage of the new system is its high lifespan of 25 years, high contrast, and lower maintenance costs.

The entire hall will also be reconstructed, including the stage and seating area, distribution, air conditioning, and heating system.

During the reconstruction, the planetarium should not close completely. However, if the work permits, the exhibition in the foyer, the simulatorium underground, and the gift shop should remain accessible, and workshops for schools should continue. The Stefanik Observatory on Petrin Hill and the Observatory in Dablice will remain operational.

The Prague Planetarium in Stromovka was opened in 1960 and is among the 50 largest in Europe. It offers programs for the public and schools, as well as various astronomy courses and clubs. The Stefanik Observatory, launched in 1928, and the Observatory in Dablice from the 1950s also fall under the Observatory and Planetarium of the City of Prague.