Prague Pride Festival Celebrates Traditions in its 13th Year

Prague Pride, an annual event in support of the LGBTQ+ community, is set to begin on Monday, August 7th. This year marks the 13th annual festival, and the theme is “traditions.”

The festival will kick off on Monday at 6:00 PM at Střelecký Island in the “Pride Village.” The opening night will feature Irish musician Ailbhe Reddy and Norwegian DJ iDJa, who will present traditional Sami music combined with disco house. Buenos Aires musician Juana Rozas will also perform a combination of hyper-pop, gabber, house, and Argentine folklore. The festival will offer a total of 190 events across the city.

Various events will occur throughout the week, including discussions on social norms and traditions, queer history, and the roots of trans identity. The festival will also feature exhibitions, workshops, and film screenings.

The festival’s central location will be Střelecký Island, which will be transformed into a Pride Village for the week. After 10:00 PM, the party will move to the new Pride Club space, featuring a DJ set by British producer Tom Aspaul and performances by Lil Autotune, Terra, Kewu, and others.

The festival’s organizers emphasize the importance of recognizing the role of LGBTQ+ people in society and celebrating their traditions. “Life for LGBTQ+ people is created in history, context, and tradition. We belong here. We are traditional,” they say.

The festival will culminate on Saturday, August 12th, with the Rainbow Parade from Wenceslas Square to Letná Park. The parade will feature DJs on “sky stages” on high platforms along the parade route. Pride Park will be waiting at Letná with six music stages featuring a range of performers.

Prague Pride is an essential event for the LGBTQ+ community in the Czech Republic. It is sponsored by the City of Prague, the Open Society Fund, the Czech National Film Archive, Prague 1, and Culture Ireland. The festival is also supported by several multinational corporations, which have colored their logos rainbow colors to show their support.

In the past, the parade has included celebrities and politicians, such as Cara Delevigne and former mayors Adriana Krnáčová and Zdeněk Hřib. This year, ambassadors for the festival include Jan and Marsell Bendigovi.

Prague Pride is an opportunity to celebrate the city’s diversity and support the LGBTQ+ community. With 190 events across the city, there is something for everyone to enjoy.