Prague Renames 21 Streets for Residential and Orientation Improvements

According to a document approved by Prague City Council on Monday, the City of Prague will rename 21 streets, mainly newly created roads or streets that previously did not have a name. The need to name the streets arose due to the construction of residential and family houses and to improve orientation. For example, in Prague 6, Huppnerova or Stočesova Street will be added, and in Prague 11, Cigánkova Street will be named.

The construction of extensive residential developments has necessitated the naming of streets such as Na Výrovně, Hasilova, Bělohlávkova, Cazovská, or Toufarova in Řeporyje, or Pavla Beneše, Jana Mikuly, Jana Vlčka, and Karel Dlouhý streets in Prague 18 for the construction of family houses. In Prague 6, for orientation reasons, the new street Ke Kaplance will be named, among others.

The city council approves the naming or renaming of public spaces in Prague, and anyone can submit proposals. The relevant district council discusses the proposals and then forwards them to the Municipal Topographic Commission. If approved, they are then discussed by the Prague city council. According to the law, public spaces cannot be named after living individuals.

In the previous election period, the city renamed part of Korunovační Street in front of the Russian embassy to Ukrainian Heroes in support of Ukraine, which Russia attacked. Prague 3 also requested renaming Koněvova Street to Hartigova after the first Žižkov mayor, but it has not yet been done.