Prague Sees Hundreds of Palestine Supporters March in Peaceful Protest


Around 300 Palestinian supporters gathered on Prague’s Old Town Square yesterday evening, staging a procession towards the Government Office building through the city center.

They carried Palestinian flags and a large banner: “Occupation is not peace; Israel is killing.” Additional banners called for Palestinian freedom. A small group of four counter-protesters was also present at the event.

In their procession, the demonstrators walked through Kaprova Street, crossed the Manes Bridge, and headed to the Government Office on the other side of the Vltava River. The police monitored the event.

Zdenek Jehlicka from the organizing initiative, “Ne naším jménem! – Iniciativa za spravedlivý mír na Blízkém východě,” emphasized the need to address the shared responsibility of the Czech political representation and media. He expressed concerns over the Czech political representation’s acceptance of Israeli statements leading to collective punishment of Palestinians in Gaza, which they view as a breach of international law.

This protest follows a similar event on Sunday, where an equal number of people gathered. The previous event also saw pro-Israel supporters, including Defense Minister Jana Černochová, attending.