Prague to Update Public Lighting with Modern LED Lights

Prague has allocated 165 million Czech korun to update its public lighting system to modern LED lights. The move comes as the city aims to reduce energy consumption and improve road safety. The project will be carried out by the company Technology of the Capital City of Prague (THMP), which will gradually replace old sodium lamps with modern and more efficient LED lights.

According to the city’s press release, the new contract for the renovation of public lighting has already been approved by the city council. The renovation will include the complete replacement of sodium lights, the production of which will end by 2026. By 2030, the city’s streets should be lit only by modern LED lights.

“We have approved over 165 million Czech korun for Technology of the Capital City of Prague to ensure the renewal of public lighting, which is crucial for the metropolis. First and foremost, the funds are intended for the planned replacement of existing often faulty sodium lights with modern lights, especially LED lights, which are more efficient, reliable, have lower consumption, allow for the adaptation of light distribution to local conditions, and have positive effects on road safety. Together with that, we will also ensure the stratification of public lighting. The renovation will also cover poles, cables, and the switching points,” said Councilor Michal Hroza, who oversees infrastructure.

The high cost reflects the complexity of the process, including the material and personnel expenses. It also takes into account the financial assumptions of individual activities related to the renewal of public lighting. According to Tomáš Novotný, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of THMP, the approved investment funds will be primarily used for the renovation of poles, the renewal of lamps, the renewal of cables, the renewal of surfaces, and other work related to the stratification of public lighting and project work.

The city of Prague is also building so-called EVR lamps as part of the public lighting renovation. These lamps will serve as charging stations for electric cars. According to the press release, the city will spend an additional 120 million Czech koruna (approximately $5.5 million) on the construction of these lamps.

In total, 852 lamps will be replaced as part of the renovation, including 172 EVR lamps, which will enable the construction of charging stations in the future. Due to cost savings, the remaining 680 street lamps will be replaced, but these will not have charging capabilities.

The new LED lights are expected to improve the energy efficiency of the city’s lighting system, reduce light pollution, and enhance road safety for drivers and pedestrians alike.