Prague Will Not Buy Jindřišská Tower

Petr Horník

In a recent announcement, it has been confirmed that Prague will not be purchasing the historic Jindřišská Tower from the archbishopric. The decision is primarily due to the high price and the lengthy lease agreement with the current tenant, which significantly limits the potential use of the tower. Adam Zábranský, a council member representing the Piráti party, stated that Prague remains reluctant to proceed with the acquisition, despite the archbishopric’s offer to sell the tower for 100 million Czech korunas.

The main concern surrounding the tower is the steep price and the existing lease agreement, valid until 2044, which significantly restricts the tower’s potential utilization. Furthermore, the building needs extensive renovation, adding to the overall costs.

To secure funds for the operation of church schools, the archbishopric has decided to divest itself of specific properties. Alongside the Jindřišská Tower, they have also put the Clara Futura Hotel in Dolní Břežany up for sale.

Initially, the archbishopric offered the tower for sale at 75 million Czech korunas, but the price escalated as multiple interested parties emerged. According to the archbishopric, the city’s offer was deemed one of the highest.

With this sale, the Catholic Church is preparing for a future in which it will no longer receive state subsidies for its activities starting in 2030.

It remains to be seen how this decision will impact the historical significance and potential future use of the Jindřišská Tower in Prague.