Prague’s Letňany, Kbely, and Prosek Neighborhoods Set to Undergo Major Transformations

Letňany, Kbely, and Prosek are three neighborhoods in Prague that will undergo major transformations in the next few years, according to urban planners. The city authorities are encouraging residents to share their views on how they want their communities to change. The experts are promising that the areas will be unrecognizable in just a few years.

Although these neighborhoods have been under consideration for development for several years, recent events have led to renewed interest. Politicians have been vying for the opportunity to use the unoccupied land in the area. Former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš suggested creating a “government town” where all the ministries and government buildings would be located in one area. Meanwhile, the city council has been pushing for a supermodern hospital to be built for Prague and the surrounding region.

The Institute for Planning and Development in Prague is now taking the lead on planning and development in the area. However, it is a long-term project that requires a lot of patience and effort. The initial step is to create a territorial study that will determine the specific requirements and expectations for the future development of these areas.

The Institute emphasizes the importance of public input, particularly that of the residents, in the development process. Therefore, in addition to input from transportation specialists and experts in education, sports, health, and social policy, the Institute will seek the opinions of the residents of Prague 18, Prague 19, Prague 9, and Prague-Čakovice.

The Institute has already begun engaging with residents in various ways. They have held public discussions, walks with urban planners, lectures, and discussion evenings in different neighborhoods. The first part of the public debate will prioritize the opinions of residents, so they are inviting the residents to share their thoughts.

A public discussion was held on May 11th at the Ekocentrum Prales in Kbelích, focusing on the study of natural biodiversity. A similar meeting is scheduled for May 16th at the Prague 9 city hall. Furthermore, the Institute will organize a discussion evening on June 7th, and a family picnic and sports event on June 10th.