Prague’s Smíchov Terminal Project: A Costly Transformation


The construction of a new transfer terminal at Smíchov, Prague, is expected to cost up to eight billion CZK excluding VAT, a significant increase from the initial estimate of 2.16 billion CZK just three years ago. This is not the only expenditure, as the Railway Administration plans to renovate the existing station for an additional 5.2 billion CZK.

In a meeting held on Monday, city councilors decided to publicly tender for the contractor of the terminal, a project acquired by the city from the A69 studio. The estimated value for this contract is eight billion CZK, excluding VAT, and city representatives are expected to vote on it on Thursday.

The city’s plan for the terminal is ambitious, aiming to connect various forms of transportation under one roof. This includes rail, all bus lines, trolleybuses, trams, and the metro, as well as a large P+R parking lot for up to 950 cars south of the current station.

According to Deputy Mayor Zdeněk Hřib of the Pirate Party, the project has significantly changed and expanded. The final price is expected to be determined through a public competition. The main bus terminal will be located on the roof of the new building above the railway tracks.

In addition to serving as a transport hub, the new terminal’s roof is also expected to support a solar power plant. Hřib stated, “The terminal will become the second covered railway station in Prague after the main station.” He anticipates that construction will begin next year and could last between five to seven years. Hřib stressed the need for modern transport terminals to avoid congesting the city with cars.

Funding for the construction need not come only from Prague. Hřib intends to appeal to the state for support, as the project is of supra-regional importance, similar to the planned Dlouhá Míle terminal near Ruzyně Airport. City councilor Zdeněk Kovářík of the ODS party shared that the city has begun working on external financing, potentially tapping into European sources.