Prague’s Technical Administration of Roads and Communications Spent CZK 3.2 Billion on Road Maintenance in 2022

Prague’s Technical Administration of Roads and Communications (TSK) invested approximately CZK 1.5 billion in new projects and CZK 1.7 billion in road repairs in 2022, according to the company’s annual report. The city-owned company also spent around CZK 1.5 billion on winter and summer road maintenance. At the end of the year, TSK had 483 employees and managed assets worth approximately CZK 95 billion.

TSK is responsible for repairing and maintaining Prague’s road network, including 2,342 kilometers of roads, 615 bridges, and 11 tunnels. It also oversees street trees and other greenery, the paid parking zone system, and the P+R parking network.

In 2022, TSK began its largest reconstruction project: the first part of the Barrandov Bridge repair, which will continue until 2025. Before this, TSK expanded the access ramp from the bridge to Modřany and widened Strakonická, creating a dedicated public transport lane. The document also mentions the expansion of the Závodu Míru bridge in Zbraslav.

The report also mentions signing a contract to reconstruct the Libeň Bridge, where preparatory work has begun. The city also had Smetanovo nábřeží upgraded, including planting new trees, widening sidewalks, and moving the tram stop. TSK also began reconstructing the intersection of Poděbradská – Průmyslová – Kbelská, which should eliminate bottlenecks on the busy industrial half-circuit.

TSK also handles winter and summer maintenance, ensuring that roads are passable in winter, streets are cleaned, and greenery is maintained in summer. According to the document, TSK spent approximately CZK 696 million on winter and approximately CZK 804 million on summer measures in 2022.

TSK was established as a joint-stock company on September 30, 2014, and gradually replaced the previous similarly named contribution organization, which was dissolved. Jozef Sinčák has been the board of directors chairman since April 2019.