Praha 1 Enforces Night-Time Ban on Old Town Traffic

Praha 1, a municipal district in the heart of Prague, has enforced a night-time traffic ban in a substantial part of the Old Town. The decision, which occurred on Thursday night, was made to protect the residents and modify the existing traffic regulations. The prohibition signs, supplemented with additional plaques, have appeared in Pařížská, Dlouhá, Rybná, Břehová, and Kozí street.

The proposal aims to maintain a calm and safe environment for the residents, protect the environment, and improve the overall quality of life. The ban, effective from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM, intends to prohibit entry and passage into the area bounded by Dvořák Embankment, Pařížská, and Revoluční.

The signs are supplemented with an additional plate indicating the time and a note except for “traffic service.” This includes vehicles providing supply or medical, repair, maintenance, municipal, and similar services, vehicles transporting a severely disabled person, taxi service vehicles, and vehicles with drivers, operators, or transported persons having residence, accommodation, or property in places behind the sign.

According to Karolina Šnejdarová, a spokeswoman for Praha 1, the night-time traffic ban will be enforced as of Thursday, and city police and police will be able to stop drivers at night and check whether they respect traffic signs and possibly demand an explanation as to why they entered the ban.

The spokeswoman mentioned that the area had repeatedly witnessed “races” of sports cars. Praha 1 had previously tried to restrict entry into Dlouhá and surrounding streets for non-residents over several weekends.

The city district plans to evaluate the measure after a year. The capital city has been striving to calm traffic in the center and solve the parking system. Consideration is also being given to charging for entry, a restriction that should only affect certain areas of the monument reserve in part of Malá Strana and Smetanovo nábřeží. The fee would not apply to residents or local entrepreneurs.