Praha 2 Launches Tree Adoption Program

The city district of Praha 2 has launched a new initiative to encourage residents to take an active role in caring for their local environment. The “Adopt a Tree on Dvojka” pilot project invites residents to adopt a tree in one of the district’s parks and take responsibility for its care.

To take part, residents can select a tree in one of the parks within Praha 2 and contact the local council’s green space management team to see if it is suitable for adoption. Once approved, participants can care for the tree by watering it during dry periods, cleaning up the area around it, or providing additional protection to it as it grows.

No financial contribution is required to adopt a tree, and participants will still be responsible for the tree’s maintenance and upkeep. Adoptive parents of a tree will receive a sign with their name on it and can also request a birdhouse placed on it. A protected workshop produces the birdhouses and supports the charitable impact of the entire project.

The pilot project has been met with positive reactions from residents, particularly families with young children. “We have two small children, live nearby, and often come to the park to play. We will consider adopting a tree at home. It’s an excellent idea. We encourage our children to be interested in environmental protection, and now they can experience what it means to care for a tree regularly,” said one resident.

In addition to tree adoption, the Praha 2 district also supports various activities to help residents care for the environment. Participants can water the trees three to four times a week with a maximum of 20 liters per day, depending on weather conditions. They can also remove unwanted plants from the area around the tree and clean up any litter or cigarette butts.

However, certain activities are prohibited, such as pruning branches or the trunk, adding soil around the root collar, digging in the area of the tree’s root system, and fertilizing the tree without the approval of the tree adoption guarantor.

The Praha 2 district also supports new art installations in its parks, as demonstrated by the recent call for submissions for new artwork in Karlov Park. The artwork can be a sculpture, plastic, or installation. The winning submission will be selected by W518 or architect Petr Janda.

The “Adopt a Tree on Dvojka” pilot project is an excellent initiative encouraging residents to participate in environmental protection actively. It not only helps to beautify the parks of Praha 2 but also fosters a sense of community and responsibility among residents.