Public Trust in the President Increases, and the Political Situation Improves

In recent news, confidence in the President has seen a slight upward shift. According to a survey conducted by CVVM, 55 percent of people expressed trust in the President in May, marking an increase in public faith. Simultaneously, the public’s perception of the government and the Chamber of Deputies has improved.

Traditionally, mayors and local councils have remained the most trustworthy constitutional institutions. They command the trust of 68 percent and 66 percent of respondents, respectively. The President’s trust rating of 55 percent shows a one-percentage-point increase from the survey conducted in February.

Regional governors also maintain a steady trust rating, with 45 percent of people expressing confidence, similar to the February survey. Trust in regional councils stands at 44 percent. The Senate maintains the trust of 32 percent of Czechs. Both the government and the Chamber of Deputies have improved by one percentage point, now enjoying the trust of 21 percent of people.

The survey also revealed a slight improvement in the evaluation of the political situation. Thirteen percent of people expressed satisfaction with it, three percentage points higher than in the last two surveys when satisfaction dropped to a record 10 percent.

According to CVVM, the “situation has returned to the state recorded in the period of August and September 2023”. The survey occurred from March 15 to June 2, with 951 respondents participating.