Rainy Start to the Week with Clear Skies Ahead: Czech Republic Weather Forecast

The first half of the week will be characterized by abundant rainfall, especially on Tuesday, with more than 60mm expected in some parts of the southeast. This is due to the low-pressure area that arrived on Monday which will be replaced by another originating from the Mediterranean on Tuesday.

Heavy rain is expected, particularly from Tuesday to Wednesday night, with ground frosts forming in some parts of the Czech Republic on Thursday morning. However, temperatures will rise towards the end of the week, and there will be significantly less cloud cover and rainfall.

According to meteorologist Dagmar Honsová, Monday will be the cloudiest and wettest day of the week, with rain expected throughout the day, except in the northwest, where it will remain dry. Cloud cover will decrease during the afternoon, giving way to scattered showers and occasional thunderstorms. By the evening, it may even be partly cloudy in some areas. Afternoon temperatures will range between 13 and 17°C.

On Tuesday, there will be partly cloudy skies in the morning, with clouds expected to increase later in the day, bringing with them scattered showers that will turn into more widespread rain in some areas, particularly in the southeast and east of the country, during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. Morning temperatures will range from 7 to 11°C, while daytime temperatures will be between 13 and 17°C, reaching up to 20°C in some areas.

Wednesday will start with rain and cloudy skies, but these will gradually give way to decreasing cloud cover and lighter rainfall. Morning temperatures will range between 8 and 12°C, while daytime temperatures will be between 11 and 15°C.

By Thursday, the weather will begin to improve, with partly cloudy skies expected in most areas, except in Moravia and Silesia, where it will remain cloudy with occasional showers. Morning temperatures will range from 5 to 9°C, dropping to below freezing in some areas, which could cause damage to heat-sensitive crops. Daytime temperatures will be between 13 and 17°C.

On Friday, partly cloudy skies and occasional showers are expected, with morning temperatures ranging from 5 to 9°C and daytime temperatures between 15 and 19°C. The article concludes that Saturday will bring the most minor cloud cover and rainfall of the entire week, with partly cloudy skies expected and occasional cloudiness in the mountains.