Rare Aurora Borealis Lights Up Czech Republic’s Night Sky

From Sunday to Monday, the Czech Republic experienced an exceptionally strong aurora borealis, a phenomenon usually only visible in the far north of Europe.

However, this time, people across the country reported observing it, including in light-polluted places like Prague. The local low light pollution in the Šumava mountains also helped improve the quality of observation there.

Although the aurora borealis is usually only visible in the Czech Republic about once every three years, this is the second time it has been observed in the country recently. The eruptions of the Sun that caused this disruption of the Earth’s magnetic field resulted in a rare opportunity for Czechs to witness this spectacular natural event.

Many impressive photos of the aurora borealis over the Czech Republic have been shared on social media, including from northern Bohemia, where it was exceptionally well observable. The photos captured the stunning green, pink, and purple lights dancing across the night sky.

This was a rare and exciting event for the people of the Czech Republic, who could witness the beauty of the aurora borealis from their own country instead of traveling to the far north of Europe to see it.