Record-breaking Easter Temperatures Expected

Easter is set to be unexpectedly warm this year, with afternoon temperatures predicted to rise above 20°C. Some forecasts even suggest that Saturday’s weather could approach summer-like conditions. This comes after a cold front accompanied by abundant rainfall sweeps across the country on Thursday, according to meteorologist Dagmar Honsová.

Thursday will start off partially cloudy, with a few scattered showers. “As the day progresses, it will become overcast, with rain or showers covering most of the country and isolated thunderstorms. Mixed precipitation will appear on the peaks of the Ore Mountains,” says Honsová, describing the colder episode.

By Friday, the weather should be mostly partly cloudy to overcast, with showers in the northeast. Morning temperatures will drop between 5 and 1°C, possibly with ground frost in isolated areas. Daytime temperatures will range from 15 to 19°C, reaching up to 20°C in southern Moravia.

The warm southern currents will fully manifest themselves on Saturday, which is forecasted to be partly sunny. Morning lows will range from 9 to 5°C, and during the day, we can expect temperatures between 20 and 24°C. In this context, Honsová recalls that the temperature record from Prague’s Klementinum, dating back to 2021, is 21.7°C.

Sunday will start off partially sunny but become temporarily overcast during the day, with isolated showers or thunderstorms. It will be warm in the morning, with lows between 14 and 10°C and daytime highs from 18 to 23°C. A fresh wind is expected in the country’s east on Sunday, with gusts around 55 kilometers per hour.

In conclusion, the record-breaking warm temperatures expected this Easter will certainly make for an unusual holiday. Enjoy the sunshine if you can, but be prepared for the odd shower or two!