Record Number of Luxury Brands Enter the Czech Market in Six Months

In the first half of this year, the Czech Republic has seen an unprecedented influx of new luxury brands. According to Jan Kotrbáček from Cushman & Wakefield, twenty new brands opened their stores in the country by June, setting a historical record. This impressive growth spans various sectors, including cosmetics, gastronomy, and electronics.

Among the most notable new entries into the Czech market are Balmain Hair Couture, Parfums Christian Dior, and Le Labo. The cosmetics sector has also welcomed Sister’s Aroma from Ukraine and Spa Ceylon from Sri Lanka. Kotrbáček mentions ongoing negotiations with several other cosmetic brands interested in entering the Czech market, indicating a sustained growth trend.

“This trend shows that the Czech Republic is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for luxury brands, which see growing potential here,” Kotrbáček stated. The appeal to luxury brands is evident from the diverse array of new entries.

The countries with the most new brands in the Czech Republic are Slovakia and France. Aside from the Austrian bathroom accessories retailer Vossen, which opened an outlet in Hatě, all new stores have been established in Prague, further solidifying the capital’s status as a luxury shopping hub.

In the gastronomic sector, Slovak fast food chain Amerikanos, Ukrainian fine dining restaurant Nai, Hungarian donut shop The Box Donut, Turkish confectionery Malatya Pazari, and bubble tea brand Makamaka have all opened locations. Makamaka replaces the Taiwanese bubble tea brand Chatime on the local market.

The most anticipated culinary arrival is the American fast food chain Five Guys, which is expected to open its first location in the newly inaugurated Máj shopping centre on Národní třída in Prague. Additionally, dean&david, known for its healthy meals and salads, will open its first branch at the same venue.

In the electronics sector, the Czech market has welcomed American electric scooter brand MIA Dynamics and Chinese drone manufacturer DJI, which has launched its first flagship store in Prague’s Masaryčka.