Retail Sales in the Czech Republic Continue to Decline for the 10th Consecutive Month

According to the Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ), retail sales in the Czech Republic declined for the tenth consecutive month in February. Sales fell 6.4% year-on-year, with a slower decline than January’s 6.8%. Month-on-month sales also fell by 0.4%. Jana Gottvaldová, head of the Department of Trade, Transport and Services Statistics at ČSÚ, stated that sales have declined since May last year.

Both food and non-food products saw a decline in sales compared to the previous year, with a more profound reduction in the case of food products. Sales of household goods and products for culture, sports, and recreation declined for the tenth month.

However, specialized non-food stores saw an increase in sales, according to Marie Boušková, director of the Department of Trade, Transport, Services, Tourism, and the Environment at ČSÚ.

In addition, sales of internet and mail-order stores have been declining for fourteen consecutive months, while sales of motor fuels have increased for the third consecutive month.