Revitalization of Iconic Vyšehrad Station Building Underway

Lucie Fialová

The long-neglected Vyšehrad Station building, a key cultural heritage site in Prague, is finally seeing the dawn of a new era. In partnership with the local administration, the station’s new owner is making significant strides in the negotiations around the building’s future.

For years, the Vyšehrad Station building has been left to deteriorate. However, the district mayor, Jan Korseska, has revealed that the decrepit structure should be covered by the end of March to prevent further damage. This development is significant in the ongoing discussions about the station’s future.

“We now have a partner with whom we can work on saving the station,” stated Deputy Mayor Jan Recman. The local government considers this collaboration a promising first step towards restoring and revitalizing this significant cultural heritage.

The project fully aligns with the existing zoning plan and aims to preserve the historic structure. The building will be multifunctional, accommodating standard-sized apartments and civic amenities. The plan also includes sufficient underground parking spaces according to Prague’s building regulations.

In addition to restoring the old building, two new residential units for permanent housing are planned. The developer has pledged to take necessary steps to secure the building and its surroundings to prevent further damage.

The new owner of the Art Nouveau building is Prague developer Karlin Port Real Estate, who is collaborating with the investment group Aristo. Milorad Miško Miškovič, the company’s founder, has plans for rescue and meaningful utilization. The redevelopment is estimated to cost around 700 million korunas. The plan also includes constructing two buildings on either side of the house.