Rising Popularity of Paid Streaming Services in the Czech Republic

The popularity of paid streaming services is significantly increasing in the Czech Republic. This year, about 35 percent of people over 16 are watching movies or series through these services, a 50 percent increase from the previous year. The Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ) released these data this spring. This is a clear shift from two years ago when only 15 percent of the population used paid channels like Netflix or HBO.

The demographics most frequently watching movies and series this way are young people between 16 and 24. This is closely followed by the age group of 25 to 34 years. More than half of both these groups use paid streaming services. According to education, the most frequent viewers are university graduates. “Every second person from this group watched videos on paid platforms,” said ČSÚ.

The number of smartphone and internet users has increased by one percentage point compared to last year. The proportion of online shoppers has increased by two percentage points. “Mobile phones are used by 99 percent of people over 16, and this number has not changed in recent years. However, the types of phones used are changing. In 2023, 82 percent of people use a smartphone, and 18 percent use a classic button phone,” informed ČSÚ.

Among people up to 64 years old, 95 percent have a smartphone. Among seniors over 75, 24 percent have found their way to a smartphone. For seniors over 75, this was only four percent five years ago.

Eighty-seven percent of households are connected to the internet this year, roughly two percentage points more than the previous year. Almost all households with children and young households without children have a connection. Fifty-six percent of senior households have internet access. The most common device Czechs use to connect to the internet is a mobile phone. Seventy-eight percent of people are online on it. This is followed by internet access via a laptop, which is used by 66 percent.