Rising Prices of Cucumbers, Cauliflower, and Chocolate!

In May, the overall cost of food and non-alcoholic beverages fell by almost four percent compared to the previous year. However, consumers pay more for certain items, particularly vegetables and fruits. For example, salad cucumbers have risen in price by more than half compared to the previous year.

The average price of a kilogram of cucumbers in May was around 50 koruna, up from 33 koruna in the previous year. The price of cauliflower also increased on average by 23 percent to 71 koruna. However, some chains offered cauliflower in special offers of around 45 koruna per piece last week. This demonstrates that food prices fluctuate, and the average price differs significantly from the promotional price.

According to statisticians, the price of iceberg lettuce has also increased by an average of a third to 33 koruna per piece in the last year. Similarly, the prices of potatoes and frozen potato chips have risen. Early potatoes are now being sold in some chains for around 40 koruna per kilo.

Chocolate has also become more expensive, with an average price increase of more than 11 percent. The price is expected to rise even further. According to economists and sellers, due to the global shortage and rising cost of cocoa beans, the price could jump by tens of percent by the end of the year.

Weather played a significant role in the price increase. In May, the price of apples and grapes increased by 11 and 14 percent, respectively. A kilogram of grapes costs an average of 95 koruna, and apples cost 33 Kč. The consequences of late spring frosts, which damaged the harvest of these types of fruit across Europe, may already be felt. The effects were worsened by the fact that there was a very warm winter from February, which accelerated nature’s development.