Rising Waters in Český Krumlov Reach Highest Level

Václav Pancer

The Vltava River in Český Krumlov, South Bohemia, has already reached the third degree of flood activity, with the river level rising to an alarming 220 centimeters. Prompted by this, local authorities have secured critical areas near the water.

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) has been informing us about the development of the situation via its Facebook profile. They noted that water managers have responded to heavy rainfall and began releasing more water from the Lipno reservoir on Wednesday afternoon, raising the value from 74.5 cubic meters per second to 90.

In Český Krumlov, firefighters have been preparing sandbags since the afternoon. The flood commission has secured crisis points around the river threatened by flooding. Alexandr Nogrády, the mayor of Český Krumlov, warned that if it starts raining between Lipno and Český Krumlov, it could further raise the river level. However, he assured that the expected 235 centimeters, which the Vltava should rise to, should not cause more significant damage.

The third level also threatens the Otava River, specifically in the profiles of Stodůlky, Rejštejn, and Sušice. “The model for Thursday morning is not as bad as originally, but we’ll see,” said Petr Mottl, the mayor of Sušice.

The situation remains critical and is expected to depend mainly on the amount of precipitation yet to come. On Šumava, 60 to 90 millimeters of rainfall is expected by Thursday evening.