Riverbanks in Prague Reopen After Flooding Warning

The riverbanks in Prague have reopened after being closed due to a flooding warnings over the past few days. This decision was made after positive developments in the meteorological and hydrological situation and a sustained current flow rate of the Vltava River.

The riverbanks had been closed since Sunday, April 16, when the water levels affected the pedestrian walkways. However, other measures will remain in place until Tuesday, April 25, according to a statement from the Prague City Council.

Despite the reopening of the riverbanks, visitors are urged to remain vigilant as the water levels remain high and the current flow rate is still strong. Additionally, the water is very turbid, so caution is advised. While Prague’s first degree of flood activity is expected to subside by Tuesday, April 25, the tributaries leading to the Vltava River are still experiencing higher water levels.

Despite the ongoing flood activity, the decision to reopen the riverbanks has been welcomed, particularly as the closure of the popular attraction would have affected visitors to the city over the weekend. The city authorities have also praised the effectiveness of their flood prevention measures, which have helped to prevent more severe damage. However, they continue to monitor the situation in cooperation with the Vltava River Basin Authority.

While the situation appears to be improving, residents and visitors to Prague are still advised to exercise caution when near the riverbanks or other waterways in the city. With water levels remaining high and the risk of flooding still present, staying informed and taking appropriate precautions is essential. Nonetheless, the reopening of the riverbanks is a positive development that will be welcomed by locals and visitors alike.