Rollercoaster Weather Ahead: Sunny and Warm Days Followed by Rain

The weather forecast for the upcoming weekend brings good news for those looking for warmer and sunnier days. According to meteorologist Dagmar Honsová, temperatures around 20°C and sunny weather can be expected on Friday and Saturday.

However, this pleasant weather will be short-lived as a fluctuating cold front will start to impact the weather on Sunday. This will result in temperatures dropping and numerous showers returning after the weekend.

Thursday is expected to be mostly cloudy with rain or showers in places, which may even turn into wet and heavy snow in higher elevations, particularly in the southwest, where temperatures are expected to drop to -1°C.

Friday and Saturday are expected to be mostly clear or partly cloudy, with morning temperatures between 3-7°C and daytime temperatures reaching 15-20°C. While Sunday will start with clear to partly cloudy skies, clouds are expected to increase in the west, bringing rain, showers, and occasional thunderstorms.

Monday and Tuesday are expected to be mostly cloudy or overcast, with rain or showers in most areas. Morning temperatures will range from 4-8°C, and daytime temperatures will be between 11-15°C.