Save Big on Electricity and Gas Bills! Prices Decrease, Offering Significant Savings for Czech Consumers

The prices of electricity and gas for end customers continue to decrease. Compared to the already advantageous offers in March, people can save over ten thousand korunas annually. This mainly applies to households with higher consumption, depending on the supplier.

In recent weeks, the largest electricity supplier, ČEZ, announced a significant reduction in prices, and other suppliers such as MND, Pražská plynárenská, and Centropol also lowered their prices.

“The price lists presented by ČEZ starting from May 15 represent a significant improvement. Many other suppliers have also announced further price reductions for new and existing customers, which applies indefinitely,” said Jiří Gavor, an analyst at ENA. However, most of the price reductions are still tied to fixed contracts. People are offered the opportunity to save significantly.

For example, a household that receives gas from ČEZ and enters into a one-year contract will pay 15,500 CZK less than the March offer for annual consumption of 3,000 cubic meters.

Despite low market prices, Czechs are not allowed spot tariffs

Practically all companies’ current price lists are below the ceiling set by the government for this year, which is 6 CZK including VAT per kilowatt-hour of electricity and 3 CZK including tax per kWh of gas.

However, it is necessary to add the regulated part of the price. For example, in the case of a three-year electricity fixation with ČEZ, the cost per kilowatt-hour for the first year decreased from 7.99 to 7.55 CZK in the most common distribution tariff D02d starting from May 15. For higher consumption, gas with a one-year fixation decreased from 3.11 to 2.62 CZK per kWh.

From May 29, Centropol will reduce gas prices in the Bez závazku (Without Obligation) tariff from 3.44 to 3.21 CZK. This applies to lower consumption, while the reduction is from 2.86 to 2.63 CZK for higher consumption.

The MND Proud tariff with an indefinite duration also saw a price decrease from May 2, from 7.80 to 7.31 CZK for electricity. The gas price for small consumption decreased from 3.20 to 2.85 CZK. In total, households will save thousands of korunas.

Currently, the cheapest electricity supplier is Tedom, which changes prices monthly based on market developments. In May, Tedom customers in the most commonly used tariff D02d in the ČEZ distribution area will pay a total of 6.26 CZK per kilowatt-hour. E.ON is second with a price of 6.63 CZK. Without the price ceiling, the cost would exceed eight korunas.

For a smaller household with an annual consumption of 1,000 kilowatt-hours, the yearly payment at Tedom, including monthly fixed costs and a fuse fee, amounts to 8,800 CZK. With the government price ceiling, people would pay nearly two thousand korunas more.

For higher consumption of 2,000 kWh, the annual payment at Tedom is 15,000 CZK, while the second cheapest supplier, E.ON, is six hundred CZK more expensive. The highest price at this consumption level is with the Innogy Start 15 tariff, which is 4,000 CZK more expensive than Tedom.

As for gas, the cheapest option is an annual fixation with E.ON, even though the price of a one-year focus increased for all consumption levels except the lowest. Households that use gas for cooking will pay 4,100 CZK