Save Money and Support Local Farmers: Fresh Produce Cheaper Directly from Farms

People in the Czech Republic can save money on fruits and vegetables by purchasing them directly from local farmers. For example, the Sadů Životice company in the northern Moravia and Silesia regions sells apples for as little as six crowns per kilogram. 

Potatoes are available for 15 crowns per kilogram, and onions cost less than 13 crowns per kilogram. In addition to apples, the company also offers other fruits and vegetables, such as potatoes and cabbage, which are sold at lower prices than in supermarkets.

According to Jiří Dulava, director of the Sadů Životice company, buying produce from local farmers is not a new concept, as their prices have always been more favorable compared to supermarkets. “I know how much we sell to wholesalers and how much they sell it for. But I disagree when Tomáš Prouza, head of the Trade and Tourism Association, talks about a two percent profit margin in the media. It’s much more than that,” Dulava said.

Another farm, the Luční dvůr farm in Bartošovice, also offers reasonable prices for produce. For example, the farm sells cucumbers for 15.90 crowns per piece, apples for 24 crowns per kilogram, cabbage for 20 crowns per kilogram, and carrots for 26 crowns per kilogram. The cheapest item available is onions, which cost 12.90 crowns per kilogram.

Petr Klečka, the owner of the Luční dvůr farm, stated that the current prices of fruits and vegetables in supermarkets are ridiculous and that many people are turning to farmers for their produce. He also revealed that they had an apple sale for 8.90 crowns per kilogram, which attracted hundreds of new customers.

“I wanted to shock people with the price of onions, and it worked. We attracted hundreds of new customers with that sale. Many people are fed up with supermarket prices and are returning to farmers,” Klečka added.