Sazka hit the record number and volume of wins

Sazka, the lottery company, had an exceptionally successful year last year. It paid out ten billion crowns to winners, with 62 million prizes, the highest in history.

Compared to 2020, eight million more bettors won prizes. The highest amount, over 250 million, was won by a bettor who wagered on an online Sportka ticket before Christmas. Thanks to their winnings, exactly 250 bettors became millionaires last year.

The lottery tickets were very popular with customers. Sazka recorded a four million year-on-year increase in scratchcard sales, for a total of 56 million units sold. Traditionally, people at Sazka have won money and several material prizes in the form of sports and family vehicles, exotic holidays, or luxury apartments.

Christmas was the main contributor to the growth: four percent more lottery tickets were sold than last year’s holidays. Black Pearls were the most popular lottery tickets, followed by Rentiers and Goldfish.