Second Phase of Barrandov Bridge Reconstruction to Affect More Motorists

Michal Šula

The second phase of the Barrandov Bridge reconstruction, the Czech Republic’s busiest road, is set to begin in two weeks. This time, the restrictions will affect significantly more motorists than in the previous phase. The crucial traffic section, the descent from Barrandov towards the South Link, will remain closed over the summer. However, up to 145,000 vehicles cross the Barrandov Bridge daily.

According to Barbora Liskova, the spokeswoman for TSK Prague, the preliminary reconstruction work will begin on May 15, with traffic engineering measures, such as signage for detours and traffic restrictions, being prepared over the weekend. However, construction work on the Barrandov Bridge without traffic restrictions is underway.

This time, the limitations will directly affect more motorists than in the previous phase. One of the four lanes in each direction on the bridge will be removed, leaving only three narrow lanes. There will be two continuous lanes and one turning lane in each direction. Drivers must also prepare for another significant restriction – the closure of the heavily-used ramp from Barrandov to the South Link. More vehicles pass through this ramp than through Strakonická Street.

According to the recommended detour, drivers should take the Lochkov tunnel on the Prague Ring Road and then take Strakonická Street back to the Barrandov Bridge and South Link. In terms of getting from Barrandov across the Vltava River, the ramp from K Barrandovu Street to the Barrandov Bridge will be closed from May 15. According to TSK, drivers should take the Prague Ring Road and can exit at Zbraslav or Písnice. For local traffic, drivers can take K Barrandovu Street to Lihovar in Smíchov, turn around, and head back towards the Barrandov Bridge via Strakonická Street.

As in the first phase, drivers heading towards the city center can return to the opposite direction at Lihovar and head to Braník. The descent from the Prague Ring Road to Písnice will open during reconstruction. The Road and Motorway Directorate (ŘSD) opened it in mid-April. Drivers from Barrandov to Modřany, Kamýk, or Chodov can take this descent.

The Barrandov Bridge is a crucial transportation link for Prague, as it connects the southern part of the city with the central and northern regions. The reconstruction is necessary due to the deterioration of the bridge’s structure, which has reached a critical stage. The bridge, built in the 1970s, has been under reconstruction since 2017.

The first phase of the reconstruction took place between June 2020 and March 2021. The second phase will continue until the end of 2023 and include replacing the bridge’s steel structure. Despite the challenges, officials hope the reconstruction will extend the bridge’s life for another 40-50 years.