Second Phase of Barrandov Bridge Repairs Underway: Traffic Restrictions and Closure of Busy Ramp

Starting Monday, the second phase of repairs to Prague’s Barrandov Bridge is in full swing. Road workers are marking traffic restrictions on the bridge, which will affect more drivers than the first phase of repairs did. One of the most significant traffic arteries – the exit from Barrandov towards the South Junction – will remain closed throughout the summer, with up to 145,000 cars passing over the bridge daily.

During the second phase of repairs, one of the four driving lanes on the bridge will be removed in each direction, leaving only three narrow lanes. There will be two continuous lanes in each direction and one turning lane.

Drivers will also have to prepare for another significant restriction: the closure of the busy ramp from Barrandov to the South Junction. More cars pass through this ramp than Strakonická. The recommended detour will lead along the Prague Ring Road Lochkov Tunnel and back to Barrandov Bridge and the South Junction via Strakonická.

According to the Technical Road Administration, responsible for the repairs, drivers are encouraged to use public transport or bicycles instead of cars during the reconstruction period. If drivers use cars, they should choose the recommended detour route and monitor current traffic information.

The construction work will also impact public transport, with tram line 21 operating all day on weekdays from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and with two cars. The route from Modřany will be diverted from the Anděl stop on Nádražní Street to the Smíchovské nádraží metro station on Line B. During weekdays from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and the bus route will be divided into two sections, the first between Jinonice and Na Knížecí and the second between Roztyly and Na Knížecí.

The Barrandov Bridge repairs have been necessary for some time, with the first phase of repairs having taken place in 2017. The repairs are expected to take several months, and drivers and public transport passengers must adjust their journeys accordingly. The bridge is a vital transport link in the capital city, and the impact of the repairs will be felt across the city.